Your banking data is very valuable.
Join the Unbanks pilot 🤝 - the world's first consumer banking data union ✊ - and earn money!

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About the Unbanks Pilot

Unbanks are running a pilot for 90 days. The 90 days starts from the day you link your bank account. All participants in the pilot are guaranteed $10/month ($30 over the lifetime of the beta). To participate in the pilot you will need to have a bank account in the UK 🇬🇧.


Once your bank account is linked Unbanks will make an API call every 12 hours to download the latest transaction data. Unbanks access will last for 90 days at which point it will be revoked and the pilot will end. The 90 days access limit is part of the Open Banking legislation - PSD2. This is why the pilot is running for 3 months.

Unbanks removes all personnal data before putting your transactional data on the marketplace. Once the data is free of personnal information we will add your data to the Unbanks Data Union.

A Data Union is a logical way to bundle many sources of data into one data product. Read more about Data Unions here

You will get paid into the Ethereum address that you provide. You will be paid the equivilent of $10 in $DATA every 30 days.

The DATA token is an ERC-20 token used across the Streamr platform. It is used for payments on the Streamr Network. We use $DATA because the Unbanks platform is built on top of the Streamr Network.

Yes we do, here it is -> Unbanks Privacy Policy

How does it work?

unbanks flow

Unbanks facilites the selling of your banking data. You give Unbanks permission (via Open Banking) to access your transactional and account data from your bank. Through the Unbanks platform your data will be anonymized and streamed in real time to a data market place to be sold. You recieve payment for you data, Unbanks takes a small admin fee. Your data will look like this...

//your data in Unbanks
        "timestamp": "2020-08-31T11:20:04.986Z",
        "transaction_type": "CREDIT",
        "transaction_category": "TRANSFER",
        "amount": 20.0,
        "currency": "EUR",

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